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Environmental Geotechnics is now of course considered on the majority of projects both before and during development and for a number of projects risk assessment relating to potentially contaminated land has been undertaken and included in the interpretative reports. Two projects where this have been a significant issue are summarised below

The work at the former Butterley Engineering works, Ripey, Derbyshire comprised several phases of work. The first was to look at mining close to the collapsed Cromford canal tunnel, which passes at depth below the site. Further phases of work were undertaken to determine the nature and extent of the made ground and the conditions further afield. A final round of work was undertaken to allow precise location of the tunnel, by drilling holes at close centres through which a video survey could be undertaken.

At the site of the former Deakins Mill, Edgerton ground investigation field work was undertaken to determine the nature and extent of material filling a former mill pond, mill race and basement. In addition further ground investigation, monitoring and slope inspections were undertaken to assess the stability of the slopes adjacent to the river, which comprised made ground, in order that a safe "no-build" zone could be established.



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