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A category 3 check was undertaken for the proposed piling platform and reinforced earth slope needed to retain it was undertaken for the proposed Reddish North Station Footbridge.



Aerial photographic interpretation was undertaken on a number of slopes within Lancashire. This information proved useful in determining the positions of a pre-existing slope failure and a culvert which had collapsed, both in heavily vegetated areas.

OTHER EXPERIENCE relating to Railways, from non-3J projects, includes studies of embankment stability in Coventry, Arkholme and Bentham. Foundations have been designed for a number of Bridges that were either being renovated, upgraded or re-built.

Other major project work includes a feasibility study into the construction of an underbridge below railway line close to Alderley Edge, in Cheshire, for the proposed A34 Bypass. This ground conditions comprised varved and interbedded clay and sand. Here in addition to stability analyses and foundation design the practical aspects of installing a bentonite-cement cut-off wall were investigated and the likely groundwater flow into the drainage system determined.


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