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Many sites in around the north-west are underlain by Coal Measures and the issue is often considered at project planning stages. Some sites require drilling and grouting, to ensure that the risk due to collapse of shallow mine workings is minimised and those that we have recently been involved with are briefly mentioned below:

WSP Environmental and their client, Westbury Homes, recognised that there was potential for significant savings relating to the Piele Park, Haydock site development costs if a observational method was used for the grouting Potato Delft Coal seam, which had been worked locally and was dipping below the site.

Our work comprised site supervision of the work. As the adopting authority required the road to be grouted in any event the records from these  were used to determine which house plots were grouted. In addition, two mineshafts known to be present on the site were found and capped.

Finally a completion report was prepared that was forwarded to the Coal Authority and the NHBC.

As part of the Job Center Plus development in central Burnley grouting works were specified and supervised. Part of the site had previously been grouted so differing primary grid spacings were used across the area concerned. Also, the hole positions were also adjusted to make sure that each proposed pile group had a borehole in a central position.

A summary measurement sheet was maintained and a completion drawing prepared for inclusion in the health and safety file.

To enable completion of the Thorpe Park Development in Leeds a specification and grouting arrangement drawing were prepared. Also, an estimate of the grouting costs was prepared.


We also have experience of site compaction control, contract supervision post completion monitoring using precision leveling techniques and vibrating wire piezometers.


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